Our person-centred approach is focused on the solid foundations of Holistic PlanningActive SupportClear Communication and Intensive Interaction

When someone new asks us to work with them, we begin with an initial get together. It’s vitally important that everyone involved feels comfortable with us, and we also like to assess people so we can be sure we’re able to meet their needs. We will only work with you if we believe we can make a positive impact.

The most important ingredient in our relationship with you is trust, and we want you to get to know us so that we can build that trusting relationship from the start.

We work in a different way from many other people. The assessment we do at the start is essential in helping us to provide the right services for you. You see, we don’t fit people into boxes and then allocate a service; we prefer to create a unique service for an individual person.

Our Background

Founder Catherine Brockie has always had an affinity with people who have special educational needs. With a background in teaching and also at the NHS behavioural intervention service, she has always worked hard to deliver a high quality service to those she works with.

Setting up her own services has enabled her to deliver the tailored support that she believes is needed in order to make a big difference to individuals and their families.

Having lived with and supported John in a residential home for seventeen years, he became like a son to Catherine. This means that Catherine has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the families she works with. Most health and social care managers might struggle to imagine caring for someone day and night, for weeks on end, but Catherine has lived it. This experience informs the work of both her and her dedicated team.

“Where others see severe behavioural challenges, and judge the outside, I look for the person inside. Behaviours are simply a way of communicating.”

– Catherine Brockie, Founder of Corran Dean and Corran Vale

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