Why Corran?

Because we offer a home from home environment

We aim to create a warm, friendly environment that means Corran is a home from home. There’s a feeling of family in the way we all interact and that’s deliberate – we want everyone who spends time at Corran to feel settled and well looked after. It’s what we do best.

Because we are committed to needs-based staffing levels

We build what we do around the people who use our services, and we won’t offer to help you if we don’t have the right staff available. The right ratio of staff is vitally important for our own staff morale and for those that we help.

Because we understand the need for trust

Entrusting us with your family member can be a big step. There must be trust and you need to know that they will be kept safe. We understand this, and a big part of what we do includes building trusted relationships with key family members so that everyone is comfortable.

Because we are life-enhancing

What we do at Corran is more than simply provide support. We create highly tailored services designed to improve the life experiences of the people we work with. Whether we’re facilitating better communication, running enjoyable activities or teaching life-enhancing skills, our goal is a rewarding and beneficial experience .